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Paper Published – Notices of the American Mathematical Society

Title: Recommendations from MET II:  Investigating the alignment of secondary mathematics teacher education programs. Authors: Jill Newton, Yukiko Maeda, Vivian Alexander, and Sharon Senk

Abstract:  The Mathematical Education of Teachers II [MET II] makes recommendations about preparing teachers to teach the mathematics described in the recently released Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. Recommendations for teacher preparation programs include taking advanced mathematics courses, mathematics courses designed for teachers to strengthen their understanding of school mathematics, and mathematics methods courses.  In this study, we used results from a national survey to investigate the alignment of current secondary mathematics teacher education programs with the recommendations for middle grades and high school programs in MET II.  Results indicated that most surveyed programs are meeting the advanced mathematics and methods recommendations, but are falling short in their requirements for courses designed for teachers that focus on school mathematics.

Newton, J. A., Maeda, Y., Alexander, V., & Senk, S. L. (2014). How well are secondary mathematics teacher education programs aligned with the recommendations made in MET II? Notices of the American Mathematical Society, 61(3), 292–295.


Paper Submission – The Mathematics Educator

Title: Preparing secondary mathematics teachers: Focus on contexts and modeling.
Authors: Hyunyi Jung, Alexia Mintos, and Jill Newton.

Abstract: This study addressed the opportunities to learn (OTL) provided to secondary mathematics pre-service teachers in the areas of contexts and modeling in algebra. To investigate these OTL, we interviewed five instructors of required mathematics and mathematics education courses and a group of three or four pre-service mathematics teachers at three universities. We coded the interview transcripts using an analytic framework developed based on related literature and policy documents. We report the similar and different perspectives among instructors and pre-service teachers related to contexts and modeling at each university, along with comparisons of OTL across universities.

Jung, H., Mintos, A., & Newton, J. (Submitted).  Preparing secondary mathematics teachers: Focus on contexts and modeling.  The Mathematics Educator.