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Third PTA Advisory Board Meeting

Thanks to all who are participated in our third (and, sadly, last) PTA Advisory Board meeting.

Over the past year, we have accomplished quite a bit!

  • Analyzed of National Survey data
  • Chose last two sites for case studies
  • Completed interviews, focus groups, and material collection at all five case study sites
  • Transcribed all interviews and focus groups
  • Began tagging interview data for our Four Research Questions: Learn Algebra, Learn to Teach Algebra, Algebra and Equity, and Algebra and CCSSM
  • Various proposals, posters, presentations, and drafts of publications

As always our Advisory Board members gave us excellent feedback and advice on our next steps as we move forward with data analysis and dissemination of the results.  We took careful notes and have begun to discuss how to implement their recommendations.

Thank you for all your hard work – PIs, Advisory Board, and graduate/undergraduate research assistants!


Second Advisory Board Meeting


2ndAB-NamesMain Items – Agenda



First Advisory Board Meeting



Main Items – Agenda